Protecting yourself and your family when travelling on business or pleasure

The hazards associated with overseas travel can be very expensive. The risks include loss or damage to your baggage and personal effects, unexpected health conditions, the financial consequences of a cancellation of a trip or medical expenses – all of which can quickly mount up when overseas. Business travellers also need to consider the possibility of permanent disablement or death and how your family would cope financially following such an unfortunate event. As a business traveller, you can also be held liable if an accident is deemed to be your fault. You could be faced with a substantial financial burden for compensation and legal expenses.

QBE travel insurance offers a wide range of specialist solutions for you and your employees when travelling on behalf of your company or when on a holiday.  QBE offers both Individual and Family plans, on annual or single trip coverage basis as follows:

Personal Covers

Inconvenience Covers

Bonus Covers

* The above only serves as a general description of our products and services in our Asia Pacific Operations. Please note that not all the products are offered in all markets. To check on the availability in your market simply click the Product Finder on the left. For product details and coverage, please check with your local insurance broker or a QBE authorised agent.