Legal protection safeguarding corporations and professionals

Corporations and professionals such as architects, engineers and lawyers can be exposed to potential claims related to ‘professional liability’.  If a third party suffers a financial loss due to the wrongful acts of a company executive or a professional service provider, the third party may have the right to sue for their loss.  Senior executives and professionals require cover to protect them against potential burden of litigation, and to help protect their reputation, integrity and assets.  Cover for legal costs and expenses is important as litigation involving these individuals is often extremely complex.  It is imperative that they have access to specialised and quality legal representation to safeguard their interests in the most effective way.

QBE’s Professional Liability insurance is essential to risk management for corporations and professionals. Our products provide protection against legal liability arising from professional advice and services. Customers also benefit from our extensive global network, industry expertise and our specialist product suite:

Professional Indemnity Insurance
Protects professionals against a wide range of potential actions arising from a breach of their professional duty in the conduct of their professional business practice.

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Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance
Protects directors and officers against liability for wrongful acts during the course of their duties as company directors or officers.

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Medical Malpractice Insurance
Protects healthcare professionals and the medical establishments against their legal liability for breach of their professional duty during the conduct of their professional medical practice.

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Associations Liability Insurance
Protects not-for-profit or charitable associations against legal liability which it may incur through the conduct of its activities or the provision of services.

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Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Liability Insurance
Provides protection against legal liability arising from their negligent acts, errors or omissions incurred from the failure of their products, services and/or advice.

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Cyber and Data Security (CDS) Insurance
Our CDS solution provides protection against third party liability arising from unauthorised access to your systems. In addition, we also provide first party protection as outlined below. The cover provided is supported by global reputable Cyber emergency service providers which QBE has partnered with to ensure a smooth and professional handling of the Cyber incidents and claims.

Scope of Cover – Third Party Scope of Cover – First Party Extensions

The QBE solution
We have partnered with a number of well-known Cyber and Data Security experts who in the event of a cyber incident will provide immediate assistance to you through a 24-hours emergency hotline.

Please find attached a QBE Cyber and Data Security (CDS) brochure and Coverage Summary (including claim scenario) and please feel free to call your agent / broker for further information.

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* The above only serves as a general description of our products and services in our Asia Pacific Operations. Please note that not all the products are offered in all markets. To check on the availability in your market simply click the Product Finder on the left for availability in your market.  For product details and coverage, please check with your local insurance broker or a QBE authorised agent.