QBE's Global Whistleblowing Policy Summary

QBE aims to maintain high ethical standards where all employees are respectful, professional and considerate and act with honesty and integrity. QBE employees play a key role in ensuring that dishonesty, corruption or other illegal or inappropriate behaviours, conduct or activities are reported so they can be dealt with appropriately. QBE people leaders are expected to encourage and create an open, transparent and safe working environment, and treat any reports made by employees seriously and in accordance with the Policy. 

The global Whistleblowing Policy outlines QBE’s minimum standards in encouraging and supporting employees, contractors, and directors of its controlled entities in reporting misconduct and other illegal or inappropriate behaviours. 

Everyone at QBE is encouraged and expected to promptly and without delay report genuine concerns and reasonable beliefs about conduct or behaviours and use the mechanisms set out in the Policy. 

Key Obligations 

Under the Policy: 

  • A number of avenues are available for employees to report conduct or activities. 
  • Detrimental treatment against an employee as a result of an employee reporting any concerns will not be tolerated. 
  • Reports made by employees will be kept confidential to the extent possible. 
  • Any reports made will be acknowledged and recorded, investigated appropriately and fairly, and resolved on a timely basis.