Protection that lets you sail freely on the sea

The sea promises freedom and adventure. Yet as every sailor knows, the sea can quickly become an unpredictable and challenging environment. When its full power is unleashed, the waves and wind can put you and your vessel in danger.  QBE’s pleasure craft insurance can help cover both the significant financial and emotional investment you have in your vessel.

We can help alleviate your financial burden from the physical loss of or damage to your boat as well as any liability to third parties for property damage and / or bodily injury, arising out of the use of the boat.

The protection of our marine pleasure craft insurance includes:

* The above only serves as a general description of our products and services in our Asia Pacific Operations. Please note that not all the products are offered in all markets. To check on the availability in your market simply click the Product Finder on the left. For product details and coverage, please check with your local insurance broker or a QBE authorised agent.